Students tear it up at turnabout

On Jan. 21 Student Council held their annual Turnabout dance. Sophomores, juniors and seniors alike attended the dance for an evening with friends. All photos by: Quinn Murray By: Quinn Murray Advertisements

Freshmen build friendships

The freshman class piled into the auditorium on Jan. 11 to participate in a day full of activities with classmates both familiar and unfamiliar. Freshmen Challenge acts as a way for ninth graders to branch out and bond with their class. “Bringing the kids together, to build them up as a class: That’s our main … Continue reading

Student Council impacts members

Jack Henry (10), sophomore class Student Council president, spotlights his experiences in Student Council. “Student Council is a form of student government in the school. Students run a campaign for a position in council and the students’ respective grade votes for candidates. Student Council focuses on planning events like dances, fundraising, raising money for charity, … Continue reading

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