Boys lacrosse moves forward

  Logan Kelly (10) Q: How are you (and/or the team) preparing for the upcoming season? A: In terms of preparations for the season, there have been conditioning workouts throughout winter. The season has now started and during practice, we will do sprints from the end line to the midfield line (50-60 yards). On my … Continue reading

Dance-a-thon brings students together for a cause

On Friday, Jan. 27th the Oakwood National Honors Society hosted a Dance-A-Thon to raise money for the neonatal intensive care unit at Dayton’s Children’s Hospital. The event, planned by National Honor Society (NHS), was for grades nine through twelve and held a ten dollar admission fee. After paying the fee, each grade level received a … Continue reading

2016 Alumni impart college troubles and triumphs

Class of 2016 alumni answer questions about where they are, what they’re doing, and how college life compares to life under the Dome. Abby Welch Q: What college do you attend and what do you study? A: I am attending Miami University and I haven’t picked a major quite yet. Q: How has your college experience … Continue reading

Blue Shirt Day takes on unkind behaviors

Madeline Burke (12) Q: In your opinion, what’s Blue Shirt Day about? A: [I think Blue Shirt Day is about] putting an end to bullying and raising awareness of bullying at school. Q: Do you think Blue Shirt Day is effective in its efforts? A: I think it helps get the word out, but it … Continue reading

Students go bananas at jungle-themed homecoming

Photos By: Sarah Hensley Captions By: Mira Sidhu and Carlie Shearer

Student DJ’s turn up the turnout

Student council held the Turnabout Dance, known to be the least attended of the three large dances of the school year, on Feb. 27. This year student council solicited student DJ and had an increased turnout. “Turnouts were better because the sophomore class was very enthusiastic, [turnouts were] the best in three years,” Student council … Continue reading

Bline changes the Challenge

The Freshman Challenge has changed in many ways since intervention and prevention Counselor Joan Bline took over about six years ago. “We kept some of the original principles and integrity of the program but changed it to have more of a team building and relationship building theme,” Bline said. The program was originally created by … Continue reading

A spoonful of sugar

Mary Poppins hit the stage for Muse Machine’s annual winter performance. On Jan. 14-17th, people had the opportunity to go and watch this show, whose cast included 21 Oakwood students. The show was extremely high energy and transported the audience into a fantasy world of dancing sweeps and sugar in absence of medicine. One Oakwood … Continue reading

Student body takes on the winter weather with a fashionable approach

This winter is filled with trends old and new. Oakwood students are using the cold weather as an opportunity to try out different styles. Both girls and boys of the Oakwood student body have their own style tips and tricks that help them stay warm during the winter time while also expressing their own unique … Continue reading

Time brings changes

Since the opening of Oakwood High School in 1908, there have been many changes made to the building over time. When the school was first opened, it used to only be 3 stories tall, above and below the senior hall. The science hall, junior high, and freshman hall were added in the 1950’s and 60’s. … Continue reading

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