Boys lacrosse moves forward

  Logan Kelly (10) Q: How are you (and/or the team) preparing for the upcoming season? A: In terms of preparations for the season, there have been conditioning workouts throughout winter. The season has now started and during practice, we will do sprints from the end line to the midfield line (50-60 yards). On my … Continue reading

New lax city- Oakwood’s newest sport is off to a promising start

Facing the adversity of being a new team, lacrosse has come out swinging and has stacked up a 7-1 record so far this season. Most of this is owed to the already experienced players. “It’s tough, but our experienced skill makes us a juggernaut,” Spencer White (10) said. Their most impressive games include a 13-7 … Continue reading

Who wants to play lacrosse?

Three people were asked if they were going to sign up for the Oakwood lacrosse team this spring. It is the first year Oakwood has a school lacrosse team. The spring season for the team starts on Feb. 25. By Grant Lambert

Money Survey Results

About how much money per month do you spend on the following things?

A recent survey on money related issues was conducted. The majority of the respondents (80%) were high school seniors. We included all comments as they were written. Here are the results: School Spending: We asked the participants why  they chose their particular answer. Here are a few of the more thoughtful responses: “Knowledge of previous … Continue reading

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