Dance-a-thon brings students together for a cause

On Friday, Jan. 27th the Oakwood National Honors Society hosted a Dance-A-Thon to raise money for the neonatal intensive care unit at Dayton’s Children’s Hospital. The event, planned by National Honor Society (NHS), was for grades nine through twelve and held a ten dollar admission fee. After paying the fee, each grade level received a … Continue reading

Students tear it up at turnabout

On Jan. 21 Student Council held their annual Turnabout dance. Sophomores, juniors and seniors alike attended the dance for an evening with friends. All photos by: Quinn Murray By: Quinn Murray

Student DJ’s turn up the turnout

Student council held the Turnabout Dance, known to be the least attended of the three large dances of the school year, on Feb. 27. This year student council solicited student DJ and had an increased turnout. “Turnouts were better because the sophomore class was very enthusiastic, [turnouts were] the best in three years,” Student council … Continue reading

Senior Ballet Squad

Kate DeLon (12), Amanda Erbe (12) and Allison Trittschuh (12) are students by day, and dancers in the evening. The three athletes have invested at least 12 years of their lives into their passion: ballet. These seniors have three and a half hours of practice immediately after school. While demanding, the three dancers find themselves … Continue reading

Viral dances infect nation

Viral dances have been a part of our society since the early 1920’s, with the Charleston and the Shimmey, but as our society moves into a digital era, the accessibility and influence of these fads grow. The internet makes access to these videos exponentially easier, and it make recreating these risky dances that much easier, … Continue reading

Dancing for cancer

Following the night of March 8th, another Turnabout dance has come and gone. With strong attendance and the theme “Pretty In Pink,” half of the profits from the dance are to be donated to the Stefanie Spielman foundation, a research fund for breast cancer. “We thought it was an important cause to donate to, and … Continue reading

How do you feel about Turnabout’s change in date?

Turnabout date changes

The date for Turnabout has been changed from Saturday, March 3, to Thursday, March 8. While the location (West Gym) and time (8-11 p.m.) stay the same, the date change has caused conflicted feelings amongst the student body.For senior wrestler Cameron W., the date change has been more of a blessing than a burden. He … Continue reading

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