Preparing for the PSAT

The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, or PSAT, will be held tomorrow, Oct. 19. Caden Sanford (11) Q: Why are you taking the PSAT A: [I’m taking the PSAT] because it gives you a little taste of what you have to do for the SAT, so you know what to expect. Q: Do you think the PSAT … Continue reading

College costs

As deadlines to obtain scholarships and acceptance letters approach for seniors, pressures for juniors to begin thinking about the college process are rising. According to the College Board, in 2013-2014 the average cost for a public four-year college was $18,391; this illustrates a possible rising cost for freshmen in college. Many aspects go into finding … Continue reading

Does the paycheck matter?

It’s difficult to pick a career, even before you take money into account. Students have many majors and careers to choose from after they graduate high school, and deciding can be stressful. Parents always have opinions, and finding a college that fits can add to the pressure, but perhaps the biggest concern is the paycheck. … Continue reading

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