Students attend inauguration

  On Friday Jan. 23, 2016, thousands of people gathered in Washington D.C. to watch the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States of America. Fifteen students from Oakwood were able to see this historical event by going on a field trip led by Matt Deters and Mitch Miller. This … Continue reading

Opinions under the dome: polarization in the LGBT community

Unfortunately, this country has become heavily focused on polarization. Americans tend to classify each action and idea with liberal and conservative values. This idea of polarization in politics and throughout society spread into the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community as well, and Americans need to stop it. The LGBT community has come incredibly … Continue reading

2016 Alumni impart college troubles and triumphs

Class of 2016 alumni answer questions about where they are, what they’re doing, and how college life compares to life under the Dome. Abby Welch Q: What college do you attend and what do you study? A: I am attending Miami University and I haven’t picked a major quite yet. Q: How has your college experience … Continue reading

Freshmen build friendships

The freshman class piled into the auditorium on Jan. 11 to participate in a day full of activities with classmates both familiar and unfamiliar. Freshmen Challenge acts as a way for ninth graders to branch out and bond with their class. “Bringing the kids together, to build them up as a class: That’s our main … Continue reading

Wadham and Hill continue the talent show tradition

On Dec. 9, freshman Gabbi Stauffer glided out onto the auditorium stage, ukulele in hand. She sat down at the edge and gazed out on the onlookers. She then began to strum, and sang a lifting song about hugging the ones you love. As she sang on, all the participants came out one by one. … Continue reading

Holiday choir concert spreads cheer

As the community gathered for the annual choir holiday concert, chorus members spread cheer. On Wednesday Dec. 5, the seventh grade and eighth grade choir, Ensemble, high school choir, Symphonic Chorale, Cantus, and Synergy, an a cappella group, performed in the auditorium. The night was full of entertainment, with some of the junior high chorus … Continue reading

Oakwood hosts first Speech and Debate tournament in seven years

Oakwood High School hosted their first Speech and Debate tournament in seven years this past Saturday. The halls held students from all of the different events of the tournament, coming from all over the Great Miami Valley District. Lydia Beyer (10), competed at the tournament this past weekend.   “I thought it would be weird … Continue reading

Student Council impacts members

Jack Henry (10), sophomore class Student Council president, spotlights his experiences in Student Council. “Student Council is a form of student government in the school. Students run a campaign for a position in council and the students’ respective grade votes for candidates. Student Council focuses on planning events like dances, fundraising, raising money for charity, … Continue reading

Students feel for fall

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, students look forward to thier family traditions. Nathan Boyce (9) Does your family have any Thanksgiving traditions? My grandparents come over, as well as my dad’s sister, and we all eat together. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? Mashed potatoes. I just like the flavor of them. Do you go … Continue reading

The faces behind “Fools”

On Nov. 10, 11, and 12, students involved in the play presented Neil Simon’s “Fools” in the high school auditorium. Mark Kreutzer (11) Q: What was the best part about working as part of the crew? A: The best part of crew is getting to interact with an amazing cast. Q: Would you recommend other … Continue reading

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