Band marches into the past

  On Oct. 19, the marching band performed for students and parents alike in the pit. The band, directed by Adam Uhlenhake, performed many classics of alternative rock and video game medleys. The concert took place at 7 p.m. in the pit and lasted for 45 minutes. The band performed an array of music that … Continue reading

Preparing for the PSAT

The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, or PSAT, will be held tomorrow, Oct. 19. Caden Sanford (11) Q: Why are you taking the PSAT A: [I’m taking the PSAT] because it gives you a little taste of what you have to do for the SAT, so you know what to expect. Q: Do you think the PSAT … Continue reading

Annual bonfire and parade brings community together

The community celebrated the upcoming game against Eaton on Oct. 7 at the annual bonfire and parade, which took place on Oct. 5.  Multiple generations attended the annual celebration. “It’s important for the community to see all the different fall sports, the homecoming court, and to get excited for the game on Friday,” Aimee Fowler … Continue reading

March Madness infects students

    Q: Why do you enjoy March Madness? A: Because it is exciting and provides me with something that is easy to follow and bet/lose my money. Q: Who did you pick to win? A: Oklahoma Q: Why did you pick them to win? A: Because Buddy Hield is very skilled and is the … Continue reading

Presidents leave legacies

There have been 44 presidents in the United States history. There have been 18 Republican, 16 Democratic, 4 Democratic-Republicans, 4 Whigs, 1 Federalist, and 1 non-party affiliated president. Even though many presidents were affiliated with same parties, their time in office is either tarnished or lauded by their leadership ability or events while in office. … Continue reading

Time brings changes

Since the opening of Oakwood High School in 1908, there have been many changes made to the building over time. When the school was first opened, it used to only be 3 stories tall, above and below the senior hall. The science hall, junior high, and freshman hall were added in the 1950’s and 60’s. … Continue reading

Holiday celebrations begin around the world; Oakwood students share traditions

Holiday traditions are different for every family, which vary depending on religion and location. All around the world, families and friends will gather to partake in diverse celebrations this season. Around the world, the month of December is considered a month of celebration for the holiday season. Here in Oakwood, many students celebrate holidays such as … Continue reading

Speakers and performers inspire students

There have been three groups of visitors who came to the high school to speak to students this year: MUSE Machine sponsored artist Michael Kelsey, The Human Race Theatre Company and previous Ohio State football player Joel Penton. Kelsey played guitar, the theatre company gave a presentation on poetry, and Penton talked students about commitment. Speakers … Continue reading

Sequel falls short

Harper Lee’s Novel, Go Set a Watchman, serves as a sequel to her earlier novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” as well as an answer to the civil strife common among southern communities during the civil rights movement. This sequel focuses once again on the varied opinions and heated arguments surrounding civil rights issues. However, this … Continue reading

Dayton food truck scene offers assortment of options

Using the term ”fast food” as a descriptor of a meal comes with a certain stigma to it that the recent food truck movement plans to change. This isn’t your average fast food, and luckily the Dayton area offers a large assortment of food trucks to try, offering a variety of flavors that will make … Continue reading

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