Freshman athlete spotlight

This year, many freshmen have joined the ranks of sports teams for the first time. Among these new athletes is soccer player and track runner Nate Pohl. Pohl is a first year goalie on the varsity soccer team. In order to learn more about his year so far as a freshman athlete, we invited him … Continue reading

Student Council impacts members

Jack Henry (10), sophomore class Student Council president, spotlights his experiences in Student Council. “Student Council is a form of student government in the school. Students run a campaign for a position in council and the students’ respective grade votes for candidates. Student Council focuses on planning events like dances, fundraising, raising money for charity, … Continue reading

Oakwood families celebrate history

After the rather recent celebration of Oakwood’s Centennial, many Oakwood families are celebrating their own legacy in our city. Old families include the Greer, Harmony, Powell, Lutz and Shafor families. “My family has been in Oakwood for many generations, we know many people here. No matter what, Oakwood will always feel like home,” Shannon G. … Continue reading

Enter the dome

Along with many international students, we have many new students from a little closer to home. Lauren Tom (10) moved to Oakwood from The Air Force Academy of Colorado. Her military father, Lieutenant Colonel Tom, relocated to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. “Compared to my old school, the people are really classy here. It’s also … Continue reading

Noonan reveals turbulent journey towards happiness

“Wounds heal, but there is still a scar left,” senior Colleen Noonan said, with a hidden expression on her face. It has been a long road for Noonan, who is looking forward to studying special education at Bellarmine University, a small, private, Catholic school in Louisville, Kentucky. Noonan is also in her second year on … Continue reading

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