Kohler’s caters “food”

The Oakwood High School prom, which was held at the Dayton Art Institute, presented the attendees with a meal prepared by Kohler’s Catering, which is a local company devoted to bringing modern culinary feasts to various events around Dayton. The meal was presented in buffet style so prom attendees had their choice to choose from … Continue reading

Top Ten Films of 2015

10. The Revenant There is an excellent Youtube video titled “The Revenant by Tarkovsky”. The piece is an excellent visual essay that reflects images from Alejandro Inarritu’s “The Revenant” against similar images from some of Andrei Tarkovsky’s films like “Nostalghia” and “Stalker”. The essay has been used mostly as a talking point for those who … Continue reading

Dayton Art Institute provides opportunity for artistic afternoon

The Dayton Art Institute provides more to its visitors than an impressive collection of art. Volunteer hours, classes for a range of ages, food, and a museum store act as additional opportunities at the Dayton Art Institute. The opportunities students can explore, art collection, and the favorable atmosphere make The Dayton Art Institute a beneficial … Continue reading

“Entertainment” Review

People like Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim and Gregg Turkington have become known as the creators of ‘comedy’ shows that focus on the deconstruction of comedy to the point where it is totally unrecognizable. This type of humor is often referred to as ‘anti-comedy’ and while it has been gaining ground in the late night television … Continue reading

Lana Del Rey: videos, tours and music, oh my!

Since Lana Del Rey’s breakthrough in 2011 with the song “Video Games”, the 26 year old artist has encountered a plethora of success. She has since then released the album “Born to Die”, the EP “Paradise” and “Tropico”. On December 4, Rey released the long awaited, short film “Tropico”. Precedented by the previous works, Rey … Continue reading

Frozen: Disney’s contemporary tradition

Disney’s third installment of their Second CGI era, Frozen, proved to attract a new generation of kids when it hit theatres the day before Thanksgiving. Looked at in succession of its predecessors, it’s easy to say that audiences will either love or hate this film for establishing a new definition of Disney. Independently, acknowledging that … Continue reading

Caught Fire-The second installment of the Hunger Games franchise has caught fire at the box office, but can it live up to the hype?

2013 brings about another year of sequels dominating the box office, the top two movies of the year being Iron Man 3 and Despicable Me 2, and invading the theatres with a tired class of characters. This seemed to be a daunting task for Catching Fire, the sequel to 2012’s Hunger Games, to overcome. However, … Continue reading

The Mousetrap Review: A classic “Whodunit” is brought to life by new director Jenna Hill

Jenna Hill, in her directorial debut, and a cast of thespians take on the classic murder mystery, “The Mousetrap,” by Agatha Christie. “The Mousetrap” is a “whodunit” (a play revolving around a group of characters trying to figure who committed a crime) about a group of characters at Monkswell Manor who try to figure out … Continue reading

‘The Family’ Film Review

As a fall chill rolls on Oakwood, OHS students begin to look for things to do inside. The cinema season, coincidentally, is also beginning, with a variety of flicks foreign and domestic popping onto movie screens. One screen in particular was filled with Luc Besson’s new film, The Family, where a representative of the Dome … Continue reading

Fallon’s impact on students

The 1920’s poem “Still Here” by Langston Hughes may have been written in the 1920’s but the message clearly was not restricted to the time period. This is evident when Dr. Mykee Fallon opened his presentation with different variations of the poem through characters. During the presentation Fallon sent numerous messages to students, teachers, and … Continue reading

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