Young at Art showcases student creations

On Feb. 4, the Oakwood Arts Bridge held their annual event, Young @ Art. Young @ Art exhibited music, sculpture, painting, drawing, singing, photography, and other forms of art. Young @ Art also held silent auctions that benefited the Oakwood Arts Bridge. “The experience was very fun! The paintings and photography were beautiful. It was … Continue reading

The faces behind “Fools”

On Nov. 10, 11, and 12, students involved in the play presented Neil Simon’s “Fools” in the high school auditorium. Mark Kreutzer (11) Q: What was the best part about working as part of the crew? A: The best part of crew is getting to interact with an amazing cast. Q: Would you recommend other … Continue reading

Band marches into the past

  On Oct. 19, the marching band performed for students and parents alike in the pit. The band, directed by Adam Uhlenhake, performed many classics of alternative rock and video game medleys. The concert took place at 7 p.m. in the pit and lasted for 45 minutes. The band performed an array of music that … Continue reading

Top Ten Films of 2015

10. The Revenant There is an excellent Youtube video titled “The Revenant by Tarkovsky”. The piece is an excellent visual essay that reflects images from Alejandro Inarritu’s “The Revenant” against similar images from some of Andrei Tarkovsky’s films like “Nostalghia” and “Stalker”. The essay has been used mostly as a talking point for those who … Continue reading

Barbie positivity: new body shapes, skin tones to come this year

The Barbie doll was first released to the public in 1959 as a tall, blonde teenage girl. Nearly 60 years later, Barbie debuted three new body styles and a number of diverse skin tones, hairstyles and outfits. Barbie, the “teenage fashion model” from the 50s, has evolved over the years as a reflection of beauty … Continue reading

A spoonful of sugar

Mary Poppins hit the stage for Muse Machine’s annual winter performance. On Jan. 14-17th, people had the opportunity to go and watch this show, whose cast included 21 Oakwood students. The show was extremely high energy and transported the audience into a fantasy world of dancing sweeps and sugar in absence of medicine. One Oakwood … Continue reading

Student body takes on the winter weather with a fashionable approach

This winter is filled with trends old and new. Oakwood students are using the cold weather as an opportunity to try out different styles. Both girls and boys of the Oakwood student body have their own style tips and tricks that help them stay warm during the winter time while also expressing their own unique … Continue reading

Pleasure reading complexity pales in comparison to current standards

Reading habits in high school differ for every individual. However, a recent study suggests that students are reading books far below the appropriate level. The data in a study done by Renaissance Learning Inc. shows that only 34 percent of student’s reading levels are proficient and the average reading level is fifth grade. “A fifth-grade … Continue reading

Netflix removes movies from selection, adds new titles

On January 1, Netflix released a statement announcing plans to add over a dozen movies and shows over the course of January. However, many movies are being removed from the selection. Netflix added over a dozen new movies and shows to the selection on January 1, including “American Beauty” and “Bewitched.” Over the course of … Continue reading

Net Neutrality: Comcast v. Netflix

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