Trump takes the tally

On Tuesday Nov. 8, millions of people across America took part in the 2016 presidential election, voting on the next President of the United States along with new House of Representative and Senate members. The next morning, after concession from the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, news outlets announced Republican, Donald Trump to be the 45th … Continue reading

Blue Shirt Day takes on unkind behaviors

Madeline Burke (12) Q: In your opinion, what’s Blue Shirt Day about? A: [I think Blue Shirt Day is about] putting an end to bullying and raising awareness of bullying at school. Q: Do you think Blue Shirt Day is effective in its efforts? A: I think it helps get the word out, but it … Continue reading

Responses to recent boat tragedy

Students were asked about their feelings toward the recent ferry tragedy in Korea. They were asked if they would continue to go on boats of any kind, how they felt about the sinking, and what they think the next steps will be. By Sophie Mauch  

Who wants to play lacrosse?

Three people were asked if they were going to sign up for the Oakwood lacrosse team this spring. It is the first year Oakwood has a school lacrosse team. The spring season for the team starts on Feb. 25. By Grant Lambert

Money Survey Results

About how much money per month do you spend on the following things?

A recent survey on money related issues was conducted. The majority of the respondents (80%) were high school seniors. We included all comments as they were written. Here are the results: School Spending: We asked the participants why  they chose their particular answer. Here are a few of the more thoughtful responses: “Knowledge of previous … Continue reading

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