2016 Alumni impart college troubles and triumphs

Class of 2016 alumni answer questions about where they are, what they’re doing, and how college life compares to life under the Dome. Abby Welch Q: What college do you attend and what do you study? A: I am attending Miami University and I haven’t picked a major quite yet. Q: How has your college experience … Continue reading

Students feel for fall

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, students look forward to thier family traditions. Nathan Boyce (9) Does your family have any Thanksgiving traditions? My grandparents come over, as well as my dad’s sister, and we all eat together. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? Mashed potatoes. I just like the flavor of them. Do you go … Continue reading

March Madness infects students

    Q: Why do you enjoy March Madness? A: Because it is exciting and provides me with something that is easy to follow and bet/lose my money. Q: Who did you pick to win? A: Oklahoma Q: Why did you pick them to win? A: Because Buddy Hield is very skilled and is the … Continue reading

Sequel falls short

Harper Lee’s Novel, Go Set a Watchman, serves as a sequel to her earlier novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” as well as an answer to the civil strife common among southern communities during the civil rights movement. This sequel focuses once again on the varied opinions and heated arguments surrounding civil rights issues. However, this … Continue reading

25 minutes: enough time for class?

Professional Development for Oakwood’s teaching staff has had a large impact on the student body. This year, the school has made these days more frequent with the implementation of half days. On a half day, after the regular schedule lunch bell rings and students leave school for the afternoon, all teachers have to stay and … Continue reading

White girl jokes offend some, not all students

Offensive to some, a harmless quip about privilege to others, the phenomena of white girl jokes leaves students divided in opinion. “The definition of racism is discrimination against another race, and white girl is in the name,” Molly Hockwalt (12) said. “Technically, it is racist.” But does making fun of Uggs and Pumpkin Spice Lattes … Continue reading

Net Neutrality: Comcast v. Netflix

Does the paycheck matter?

It’s difficult to pick a career, even before you take money into account. Students have many majors and careers to choose from after they graduate high school, and deciding can be stressful. Parents always have opinions, and finding a college that fits can add to the pressure, but perhaps the biggest concern is the paycheck. … Continue reading

Feminism stirs student opinions

Since the suffrage movement of the 1850s and the “second wave” of feminism in the 1970s, gender politics have raised controversy and heated discussion. The debate over feminism is far from finished, though; Oakwood students voice diverse opinions about the movement, and some even dismiss its worth today. “I do think it’s mostly a thing … Continue reading

Who wore it better?

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