Profit from pain

On Sept. 15th, 2014 Urban Outfitters, a popular retail clothing store, received national attention due to their controversial product. The company released a vintage-style Kent State University sweatshirt that featured blood spatter, alluding to the infamous “Kent State Massacre.” Because of the May 4th shootings in 1970 that took place on campus, the garment is … Continue reading

Comedians’ memorial

By Sarah Reymann


Applications: the most fun and helpful tenets of smart devices. Apps range in usability from editing pictures to playing games to managing bills. Some apps, though, are better others. Here are some of the Dome’s favorite apps from 2013: Cymera: This photo-editing app, free and extensive, provide the best tools for anyone looking for ways … Continue reading

Black Friday no more

On Thanksgiving day, 2013, large-scale retailers will be opening their doors at 6 p.m. to sales-seekers who would normally be seen on the prowl on the famed “Black Friday.” Not only does this strategical move prove as further proof of capitalist greed, but it encourages millions to disregard the meaning of a 150-year holiday tradition; … Continue reading


Easily, the most well known cell phone developer is Apple, but, as the San Jose Mercury News noted, ever since Steve Jobs’ passing, Apple’s stocks are dropping.  Their competitor, Android, is picking up pace in the great consumerist race, with an increase in popularity. Both of these companies produce cell phones, tablets, and computer devices. … Continue reading

School spirit: mandatory or elective?

Not everybody thinks their school is something to scream about. There are obvious advantages to school-scheduled pep rallies. Besides boosting morale, they give the administration an opportunity to showcase athletic achievements. At the end of a Friday, most students lack the energy to focus on school, so the schedule changes have little impact. The rallies … Continue reading

Paul-itics: Dome and the campaign trail

While we endure the return to school and a heat grievously sticky, more than routine is returning around the country. Unlike the season, however, this event takes place less than annually. It’s what our country prides itself upon, and it’s here. It’s democracy.

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