Time brings changes

Since the opening of Oakwood High School in 1908, there have been many changes made to the building over time. When the school was first opened, it used to only be 3 stories tall, above and below the senior hall. The science hall, junior high, and freshman hall were added in the 1950’s and 60’s. … Continue reading

Administration, teachers design exams to prepare students for future

  Every year at the end of the first semester the school holds exams. These exams are designed to test a student’s knowledge and their progression in each subject. Principal Paul Waller creates a schedule for the exams so that teachers have an idea of when their exams will be and how lengthy the tests … Continue reading

Socialism in Oakwood

Socialism, the radically left political theory has been emerging as a popular opinion of students in Oakwood High School. While many students of Oakwood fall on the more liberal side of the political scale, the socialists are a minority. However, over the last year or so the openly radical students have become more prominent. Theories … Continue reading

Experimental Execution

The controversial execution of Ronald Phillips has grown more and more complicated since it was scheduled. According to ABC News, Phillips, who raped and killed a three-year-old in Summit County, Ohio, is asking for his organs to be donated. Only one inmate has ever done this before, and that inmate was not facing immediate execution. … Continue reading

Alice Mun-woah: Alice Munro’s surprising Nobel Prize win

Alice Munro, a Canadian short story author, was recently announced as the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2013. According to the Swedish Academy, the body that decides the award, she is the thirteenth woman to win the prize. In addition to the Nobel Prize, Munro was previously a winner of the Man … Continue reading

Oakwood families celebrate history

After the rather recent celebration of Oakwood’s Centennial, many Oakwood families are celebrating their own legacy in our city. Old families include the Greer, Harmony, Powell, Lutz and Shafor families. “My family has been in Oakwood for many generations, we know many people here. No matter what, Oakwood will always feel like home,” Shannon G. … Continue reading

Fallon’s impact on students

The 1920’s poem “Still Here” by Langston Hughes may have been written in the 1920’s but the message clearly was not restricted to the time period. This is evident when Dr. Mykee Fallon opened his presentation with different variations of the poem through characters. During the presentation Fallon sent numerous messages to students, teachers, and … Continue reading

Scheduling Speculations: student’s opinion on the old and new scheduling methods

Do you like the online scheduling and how does it compare to filling out a sheet of paper? By Sarah Penix penix.sarah@oakwoodschools.org

Sandy sweeps eastern coast

With warnings of Hurricane Sandy beginning as early as October 27th, days before the brunt of the storm, the East Coast urged areas in the path of destruction to evacuate. Hurricane Sandy, deemed “worse than Irene” by reuters.com, has claimed at least 74 lives in the country alone, and 65 more from islands across the … Continue reading

Paul-itics: Dome and the campaign trail

While we endure the return to school and a heat grievously sticky, more than routine is returning around the country. Unlike the season, however, this event takes place less than annually. It’s what our country prides itself upon, and it’s here. It’s democracy.

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