Preparing for the PSAT

The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, or PSAT, will be held tomorrow, Oct. 19. Caden Sanford (11) Q: Why are you taking the PSAT A: [I’m taking the PSAT] because it gives you a little taste of what you have to do for the SAT, so you know what to expect. Q: Do you think the PSAT … Continue reading

Teaching cursive remains a matter of opinion

Current House Bill 146 hopes to require all Ohio students to learn and utilize cursive. While the state of Ohio does not currently require students to learn cursive, the Oakwood City School District still incorporates it into their curriculum. In the Oakwood school system it is first introduced in elementary school but is not continually … Continue reading

Mitch Miller teaches new government classes

Social Studies teacher Mitch Miller started offering two new classes, “Civics: American Government and Economics” and “International Politics”. These are versions of older classes that were modified to meet the state and school requirements. One new required class, “Civics: American Government and Economics”, combined the curriculum of the American Government course and the Economics course. … Continue reading

National Merit Scholars 2013

Of all the current seniors who took the PSAT in 2012, achieving top scores and receiving commended recognition for their success, two seniors stood out among the crowd. Jeff M. (12) and Dory A. (12) are the only seniors to be named National Merit Scholarship finalists, a prestigious national feat. Every year, over three million … Continue reading

Oh give me a (Christmas) break!

It’s the end of exams and students are rushing home, exited to enjoy the freedom of the upcoming two week break. All around students are hugging each other and wishing each other “Merry Christmas”. Because Oakwood is a public school, teachers and administrators must be careful to use non-denominational phrases so that students of different … Continue reading

Latin classes end for Oakwood

This year, Oakwood Latin classes come to the end. AP Latin IV meets during third period for current Juniors finishing out their high school Latin education. After the school curriculum cut Latin from the list of available courses, the current Juniors could still take Latin to finish their foreign language credits. Latin IV AP is … Continue reading

School district introduces new sound system

On the evening of February 29th, 2012, the high school introduced a new ‘state of the art’ sound system in the auditorium that replaced the old technology that was used for many years.  The new system will benefit of the school’s art programs and speakers during assemblies. The sound system was installed over holiday break … Continue reading

Grant received to purchase mobile display

Artwork from high school art classes is displayed next to the senior hallway. Oakwood Arts Bridge has given a $1,500 grant to purchase a mobile display to the high school. “This display system can be used by many different departments and will be a big asset in presenting our students and their work in a … Continue reading

iPads enter school in experimental phase

Teachers Receiving Experimental iPads Debbie Smith Tony Rainsberger Mark Brooks-Hedstrom Jay Lane Fred Schmitz Kelly Colson Heidi Steinbrink Crystal Melcore Paul Waller      Following a technology grant provided by the Oakwood Education Foundation, ten teachers received iPads this fall in an experiment to determine their long-term place in the classroom setting. While the school district did not … Continue reading

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