Musical cast strikes the set


Musical cast and crew moved numerous set pieces in to the props closet in the senior hallway. Photo by: Quinn Murray

On March 9 through 11, the students in the cast of My Favorite Year performed four times on the newly lit stage.

On March 12, all of the actors and crew members returned to the stage to help tear down the sets and attempt to return them to the props closet. The participants call this “strike day”.

“For the twenty billionth time, we try to clean out the props closet; it still stays dirty,” actor Joey Caley (11) , who portrayed Herb Lee in My Favorite Year, said.

While deconstructing the set, some of the actors mused on the victories and flaws of their most recent production.

“Preparation. We got the show together in the fewest number of rehearsals this year. It took a lot of work to get the show together, especially off the rehearsal schedule,” Caley said.

The troupe only had twenty rehearsals to prepare the entire production, which only compounded with the difficulty of scene transitions.

“Scene changes can always be faster. It really gets on my nerves when a scene change isn’t ready to go right when it needs to happen,” Toni MaGruder (11), set manager, said.

They had to switch sets and actors often and in short amounts of time. While difficult, Caley was proud.

“We had a lot of costume and set changes and it was all very well done,” Caley said.

In the opinion of MaGruder, the quality of the acting was another powerful part of the performance.

“I think that the relationships seen on stage between Benji and Swann and Swann and Tess seemed more real than what you would see anywhere else,” MaGruder said.

During strike day, seniors also reflected on their final year in musical.

“Saying goodbye to my cast members [is the hardest]; they’re my best friends. Saying goodbye to my voice teacher and director is also hard; they just completely changed my life,” actor, Camille Sargent (12) said. “They helped me decide what I wanted to major in. They made me who I am today; I was a completely different person freshman year and after sophomore year in musical I had a reality check. I appreciated everything.”

Article by: Quinn Murray


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