Orchestra concert showcases strings


The symphony orchestra holds student performers from grades ten through twelve. Meredith Depew led the symphony orchestra through pieces such as “New World Symphony”.  Photo by: Lauren O’Connell

On Wednesday Feb. 15 at 7 P.M, family and friends came to the auditorium to watch the junior high and high school orchestra players perform at the annual winter concert led by orchestra director Meredith Depew. The chamber orchestra played first, followed by the honors orchestra, finishing with the symphony orchestra.

The chamber orchestra is solely for freshman. This year they presented the songs “Inverno”, “The Waltz”, and “Drifen”.

“I started orchestra and continued freshman year because I have always wanted to play an instrument and I fell in love with it,” chamber viola player, Delaney Malloy (9) said.

The honors orchestra consists of students who wish to dedicate time outside of the normal school day to play their instrument. They performed the song “Percius”.

“My favorite [part of the concert] is the honors orchestra portion of the concert because the songs are more fast paced,” honors and symphony cello player, Maria Crusey (11) said.

The last part of the concert was the symphonic orchestra for grades ten through tweleve. They performed songs such as the “New World Symphony” and “Adieu”.

“I like doing orchestra because I get to be with my friends and the music we play is cool,” symphony violinist, Julia Guzman (10) said.

The band’s wind ensemble accompanied the final song presented by the symphony. The song they collaborated on is called “Jupiter: The Bringer of Jollity”.

“I think it’s really cool to hear the different tunes of instruments mesh together to form a harmony,” symphony violinist, Gabby Echevarria (10) said.

At events like this, some students enjoy the opportunity to perform what they have been working on in front of an audience.

“I love performing because once the stage lights are on, you can feel the heat and then you look for your friends across the stage; it’s the rush of it,” Malloy said.

The next orchestra concert will be the annual Cherry Pie concert on Tuesday May 7 from 7 to 10 P.M.

By: Lauren O’Connell



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