Young at Art showcases student creations


The display tables featured at Young @ Art showcased art from all ages. The Oakwood Arts Bridge held the event to raise funds in support of arts throughout the community. Photo Contributed by: Joan Fisk

On Feb. 4, the Oakwood Arts Bridge held their annual event, Young @ Art. Young @ Art exhibited music, sculpture, painting, drawing, singing, photography, and other forms of art. Young @ Art also held silent auctions that benefited the Oakwood Arts Bridge.

“The experience was very fun! The paintings and photography were beautiful. It was just a fun experience,” Frank Calzada (10) said.

Tickets were fifteen dollars for adults, five dollars for students, and children under three entered free. All proceeds went to the Oakwood Arts Bridge to fund Oakwood School’s fine arts.

“The funds raised by this event are used to award grants to Oakwood Fine Arts teachers for financing equipment and opportunities,” Nate Thompson, Smith Elementary teacher, said. Teachers can apply for these grants to provide new materials and opportunities for students to expand their skills.

Young @ art is all about students showcasing their talents. Whether that is painting, drawing, sculpting, singing, or playing an instrument, it is an event where everyone can appreciate art,” Calista Miller (11) said.

Students performed theatre pieces, songs, musical arrangements, and acapella. However, Young @ Art is not only for students who consider themselves artistically inclined, anyone can come to watch or participate.

I would recommend Young @ Art to anyone who enjoys being creative and to anyone who appreciates [the arts],” Miller said.

The auditorium held audience members of all ages. Parents, children, Oakwood students, and students from other high schools made it out to the event to see high school and elementary students perform.

“I would recommend Young @ Art to everyone and anyone. It’s a great experience,” Zach Brennaman (10) said.

If you’re interested in learning more about art, or showcasing your own pieces next year, visit .

By: Sarah Hensley



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