Dance-a-thon brings students together for a cause


Junior varsity cheer coach, Macy Jackson leads students in a Zumba activity. Zumba was one of the many dances that occurred during National Honor Society’s Dance-a-thon.            Photo by: Sarah Hensley

On Friday, Jan. 27th the Oakwood National Honors Society hosted a Dance-A-Thon to raise money for the neonatal intensive care unit at Dayton’s Children’s Hospital. The event, planned by National Honor Society (NHS), was for grades nine through twelve and held a ten dollar admission fee. After paying the fee, each grade level received a special shirt color for each grade. Students had the opportunity to dance and have fun with friends while also donating to a cause.

“This is just a great night to have a lot of fun and do something for a great cause,” Emmy Griffith (10) said.

Dances were divided by time of night. Junior varsity cheer coach, Macy Jackson lead the first dance, Zumba.

“I do [Zumba] a lot with the girls,” Jackson said.

There were also free periods where students danced in whatever style they wanted to. Volunteers from The University of Dayton and Dayton Children’s led choreographed dances that got students on their feet.

“I think that was a great idea. Prior to the Dance-A-Thon, there weren’t a lot of events to get all of the students together, including the freshmen,” Ray Arcenas (12) said.

Other activities such as neon face painting, Jenga, hula hoops, and Twister were also offered to students interested. NHS and the students involved considered the night to be a success.

“Its been an amazing evening,” Principal, Paul Waller said. “So many students are here for such a great cause. NHS did a great job getting this together.”

By: Sarah Hensley


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