Freshman athlete spotlight


Nate Pohl poses at Mack Hummon Stadium  Photo by: Jonathan Steeves

This year, many freshmen have joined the ranks of sports teams for the first time. Among these new athletes is soccer player and track runner Nate Pohl. Pohl is a first year goalie on the varsity soccer team. In order to learn more about his year so far as a freshman athlete, we invited him in to tell us about his experiences.

Q: What sports do you play and why?

A: I play soccer and I also run track. I just love running and I love soccer. I’ve played soccer since I was four. I’ve just always enjoyed it. I’ve always loved watching it and playing it. Track and running is just something fun to do. [Track is] a very social sport, you get to meet a lot of people doing it. It also helps you stay in shape really well while you’re doing it.

Q: How has your first year been on the soccer team been?

A: It’s been great; I’ve met a lot of cool people and I’ve been in a lot of very interesting games. It was a new experience because I’ve never played at Oakwood before and it’s just really cool playing in front of a huge crowd and hearing people cheer for you.

Q: Do you believe that you will be doing soccer through high school?

A: Probably not because I’m going to have to start focusing on running more, but I might stick with it. I just don’t know yet. I hope I can do both.

Q: What do you think is your favorite moment of the year so far?

A: Probably the first varsity game I was in. When the Star Spangled Banner played it just got my nerves wracking. It was definitely something different and my nerves just flew through me. Another great moment was my first save. I ended up stopping a situation with another player, and that’s actually how another varsity goalie got hurt. So, I got really nervous about that when the guy started coming at me, but then I stopped the situation. It was just a huge moral booster for me.

Q: Do you believe that you will ever make a career out of running or soccer?

A: It would be really fun to do so; however it’s very hard to answer this question. I’ve done some things with running and I’ve done some things with soccer and I don’t know if it’s necessarily record-breaking or anything. I don’t know, it would be great to-but it’s pretty unlikely.

Q: How do you hope to improve by the end of the year?

A: As for running, I hope to stay consistent. Ever since I started running my mile time has been going down and I hope to keep that pace. For soccer, it’s really hard to name specific thing in goal keeping to work on. Still, if I had to name something it would probably be my punts or goal kicks as something that I need to work on.


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