Wadham and Hill continue the talent show tradition


Roland Newton(11) performed magic at the annual talent show. Newton engaged the audience and showed off multiple tricks.  Photo by: Audra Felkley

On Dec. 9, freshman Gabbi Stauffer glided out onto the auditorium stage, ukulele in hand. She sat down at the edge and gazed out on the onlookers. She then began to strum, and sang a lifting song about hugging the ones you love. As she sang on, all the participants came out one by one. They strode across the stage, sat down, and put their arms over the shoulders of those next to them. They joined in and sang the show to an end; singing about the importance of hugging the ones they love.

The tradition of the talent show began seven years ago with a teacher versus student talent show run by English teacher Kelsey Jackson and performing arts teacher Michael Wadham. Wadham and history teacher Jenna Hill now advise the talent show. Wadham himself was a talent show veteran.

I performed several times.  I sang in a trio (“Dust In The Wind” by Kansas), and I performed in a spoof of the SNL Cheerleaders (Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri) with my friend as intermittent commercials for prom, during the talent show,” Wadham said.

While Wadham is a well versed talent show participant, many new faces graced the stage. Performances ranged from a song by Max Souders (10) to a local band, Flora over Fauna. One such performer was Stauffer, the final act of the show.

Stauffer said, “I tried out alone and the director said that everyone should learn the chorus and come out and sing with her at the end. It worked out well.”

By: Quinn Murray



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