Ohm Under the Dome returns with relaxation


Olivia Bruno (12) and Kiandra Coon (12) wrap up their mats after practice. They practiced in the Harman Gym for an hour with Ohm Under the Dome. Callie Martindale (11) also attended and expressed her enjoyment. “I feel that everyone should take advantage of this awesome club,” Martindale said. “You shouldn’t be afraid to try out yoga, it can only help you mentally and physically.”

The first Ohm Under the Dome meeting occurred on Oct 25, 2016.  The club meets every Tuesday from 4:15pm to 5:15pm in the Harman gymnasium. Kim Hobby, a science teacher, leads the club. During the club, members perform yoga with Tori Reynolds, the owner of Speakeasy Yoga.

Tori Reynolds is an amazing instructor who will push you, but she will also be your biggest cheerleader,”  Callie Martindale (11) said.

Ohm Under the Dome welcomes any students from grades nine to twelve. The class holds initial fees in order to attend. The price is $20.00 for a four class pass, and $7 for a drop in.

Hobby encourages everyone to participate even if he or she is  hesitant to practice yoga in front of others.

Bring a friend, just relax,and enjoy a new experience,”  Hobby said. “Don’t compare yourself to anyone else in the room, just complete your practice.”

Yoga acts as a common way to relieve stress and induce relaxation; yoga also increases flexibility.  All students can participate and initial flexibility is not necessary  to practice yoga.

“We all love to come in on Tuesday afternoon to relax and take a break from our everyday stress,” Martindale said.

Ohm Under the Dome offers a more relaxed environment than typical team sports. Due to the decreased time commitment and non-competitive nature, yoga offers an additional option for those who do not enjoy playing sports on a team.

“[I joined Ohm Under the Dome] instead of joining a super competitive sport,” Rachel Murphy (11) said. “It’s more relaxing.”

However, Hobby urges any student who is interested to join and is quick to highlight the benefits of yoga for athletes.

“We encourage athletes who enjoy participating on sports teams to attend. Yoga can decrease chance of injury, lower cortisol that tends to be enhanced during highly competitive activities and it can also enhance high performance,” Hobby said.

Hobby stressed that “every type of student” is welcome to join and experience is not required. Interested students are invited to stop by room 121 for more information.

By: Sarah Hensley


[Article Updated: 11/4/16, The Dome updated the last three paragraphs of the article to include information about the benefits of yoga for all students]


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