Oakwood Giving helps Holiday Aid



The barrels store canned goods collected by students in the senior high hallway. Cans may still be donated by dropping the donation off in one of the barrels.“Usually we get ten, large barrels,” club advisor, Melinda Wargacki said. “This year we filled seven of them.”

On Oct. 23, students strolled the streets, pulling wagons and carrying bags throughout Oakwood.

During Trick or Treat for Canned Goods, an event run by Oakwood Giving, they help to collect for the Holiday Aid food drive.

“The cans go to Holiday Aid, which is a food bank in the Miami Valley,” Wargacki said.

Unfortunately a smaller turnout occurred at the four o’clock start time of the trick or treat event.

“I felt like a lot houses gave us a lot more [cans] but we hit a lot less houses,” Caroline Goeller (11) said.

Goeller is a leading member of Oakwood Giving and was one of the trick or treaters. Although the event was optional, Wargacki asked students to wear costumes to walk the streets.

“I was tigger, [the costume] was comfortable and kept me warm,” Goeller said.

Wargacki did not walk but played a significant role in the event. Wargacki helped students move the cans they retrieved into the barrels. They filled seven barrels during their collection, but will continue to collect goods through the barrels in the senior hallway before the holidays.

Holiday Aid sends canned goods across the Dayton area to help feed the poor during the holiday season. Those  interested in volunteering may visit their Facebook page for more information.

Goeller said, “I think it is important to give back to the communities. I feel Oakwood Giving gives you great opportunities to give back to your community. Trick or Treat for canned goods is fun and easy volunteer work.”

By: Quinn Murray




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