Annual bonfire and parade brings community together


The bonfire followed the parade on Oct. 5. The annual tradition brought the community together in preparation for the homecoming football game on Friday, Oct. 7 against the Eaton Eagles. Photo By: Caroline Daniels

The community celebrated the upcoming game against Eaton on Oct. 7 at the annual bonfire and parade, which took place on Oct. 5.  Multiple generations attended the annual celebration.

It’s important for the community to see all the different fall sports, the homecoming court, and to get excited for the game on Friday,” Aimee Fowler (11), varsity cheerleader, said.

Due to the variety of different sports and groups that walked in the parade, multiple citizens came out to share their excitement for the homecoming football game. All fall sports marched in the parade. Junior varsity cheerleaders led the parade, while the varsity cheerleaders led the football team. The marching band also participated in the parade as well as the homecoming court, which included seniors Emmy Cobb, Erika Helm, Sydney Jones, Erin Lane, Elizabeth Ordeman and Katie Whitlock.

As the practice field began to fill with people, the excitement grew with anticipation for the fire. When firefighters lit the wood, spectators began to throw tennis balls into the flames. This tradition has endured for many years.

During the bonfire, two of the four football captains, Michael Watson (12) and Nic Amongero (12), threw the Eaton Eagles dummy into the fire.

“I love how the parade and bonfire gets everyone excited for the football game on Friday, where we can hopefully defeat Eaton,” Mackenzie Skidmore (11) said.

To help get the community excited, the cheerleaders danced along to the music that the marching band provided. The cheerleaders used special pink pompoms in order to support and raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The cheerleaders will continue to raise money throughout October for Pink Ribbon Girls.

The band helped raise the crowd’s enthusiasm by playing catchy and upbeat tunes along with familiar songs such as “Stand Up and Cheer” and “The Oakwood Rumble”. In the sea of people at the backfield, children danced along and enjoyed the tradition.

The nerves and excitement displayed during the annual homecoming bonfire celebration portrayed the community’s anticipation of the upcoming game. The Lumberjacks take on the Eaton Eagles at 7 p.m. at Mack Hummon Stadium.

By: Caroline Daniels


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