Bobak Ferdowsi brings Europa Clipper insight to students


Ferdowsi discussed interests in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with freshman, Grant Crane. “I think engineering would be cool. My grandpa was a big influence on me and I like to tinker around and make things,” Crane said. Ferdowsi went table to table at lunch answering questions about his career and the careers of others at NASA. Photo By: Quinn Murray

On Sept. 30,  Bobak Ferdowsi, a system engineer working with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Institute, visited Oakwood and spoke to students about the chance of life on other planets. At noon, Ferdowsi appeared at a pizza lunch held by the science department, so that students could meet with Ferdowsi. The meal was held in the library for students who signed up with their science teacher.

“[The speech] was cool, it explained a lot of new things NASA has done and the new stuff they’ve explored,” Freshmen Grant Crane, said.

Ferdowsi spoke on the subject of life in our solar system. He explained that Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, was a possible source of life in our system. Europa is the subject of one of NASA’s projects, the Europa Clipper. Ferdowsi is currently working on this project.

“The Europa Clipper is an orbiter around the moon Europa,” Ferdowsi said.

According to NASA’s Mission to Europa web page, The Europa Clipper will loop around the moon, taking photos and measuring the depth of the ice and temperature of the planet’s atmosphere. Ferdowsi’s goal of speaking on the subject was to expose students to space sciences.

“I hope people will recognize the importance of the STEM field and NASA especially,” Ferdowsi said.

Ferdowsi began his travels through school systems in order to help students and spread awareness of STEM careers. He remembered people before him coming to his school to speak about their profession.

Ferdowsi said, “I’m the beneficiary of people who had done this before.”

By: Quinn Murray

One Response to “Bobak Ferdowsi brings Europa Clipper insight to students”
  1. Adam Koenig says:

    Nice, what a cool dude! Round 2 at OHS for him.

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