Kohler’s caters “food”

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Dinner at the 2016 prom on April 23 consisted of many options, including lasagna, salad and potatoes. Photo By Jason Otis

The Oakwood High School prom, which was held at the Dayton Art Institute, presented the attendees with a meal prepared by Kohler’s Catering, which is a local company devoted to bringing modern culinary feasts to various events around Dayton.

The meal was presented in buffet style so prom attendees had their choice to choose from such options including vegetarian lasagna, teriyaki chicken, vegetable teriyaki, twice-baked potatoes, and caesar salad.

The vegetarian lasagna was quite good; it could have easily passed for normal lasagna. It didn’t bring anything new or special to the table, but it was definitely an enjoyable main dish to have before going out on the dance floor.

The teriyaki chicken was served in a tangy citrus marinade that was a little too sweet overall. The marinade consisted of oranges which most likely explained the overwhelming taste of citrus while eating the chicken. The chicken itself was cooked perfectly; sadly, it’s overall enjoyability was negated by the sauce.

The vegetable teriyaki, on the other hand, was very enjoyable and tasty. The teriyaki sauce was served over mushrooms and other assorted greens. It was significantly better than its chicken counterpart because it was not left to left without any citrus marinade which served very well for that particular dish.

The twice-baked potatoes were definitely the crowd favorite. They were buttered, had a nice amount of cheese on them, and altogether tasted fantastic. Nothing groundbreaking, but the rule of keeping it simple with the potatoes made all the difference. Sometimes staying on the beaten path heeds greater rewards.

The Caesar salad was another simple item that is always a hit. The dressing complimented the salad very well. The main factor that stuck out with the salad was that it offered delectable bits of cheese mixed in with the dressing which made it quite a palatable finish to my overall decent meal.  

In the end, I would say that Kohler’s met my expectations for a prom dinner. No one was expecting a five star meal and what was received was exactly that. It was food, not cuisine, and because of that fact I would say that Kohler’s delivered an acceptable meal for what was offered, but it was nothing to write home for.

By Jason Otis



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