Calendar shifts exam dates

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The last day of class for the seniors is May 13, which is an earlier release date than previous years. The underclassmen are released on May 27, opposed to last year, when they were released on June 4.

A shortened holiday break, in addition to other calendar shifts, like teacher exchange days, has led to a shift in exam dates. Winter exams took place before break instead of after, and second semester exams have been moved backward a week to May 25 – 27.

Before [winter] exams, I was a little frustrated about the change in exam schedules, since it delayed our holiday break by a few days,” Justin Brenner (12) said.

The exam schedule was altered so that holiday break was shortened, resulting in scheduled exams the same week as Christmas. At the time many students were upset by the change, wanting a longer break like in previous years.

I thought it was annoying that the exams were split because it went into the week of Christmas,” Elizabeth Henderson (12) said.

However, some students enjoyed having the weekend to study.

“Before exams I liked it because we had the weekend to study. After exams, I didn’t like them because we had the weekend to study and I just wanted them to be over. It prolonged the process,” Chris Anderson (12) said.

Others found it stressful.

          “It’s hard to sit down on your weekend and do school work so it was hard for me to really get much done any day other than Sunday,” Emma Falter (12) said.

The school announced the change at the beginning of the year to ensure that students were able to plan their vacation around the new exam schedule.

“I thought I might have an issue with people leaving for break, but I really didn’t have an issue with that,” Heidi Steinbrink, science teacher, said. “If we hadn’t done [the shorter break], we would be in school two days longer. No one will complain [in the summer]’.

With summer around the corner, students feel the trade-off was beneficial.

“I think it was worth having a shorter holiday break because I would rather have a longer summer than a holiday break”, Henderson said. “I didn’t mind having the weekend in between the exams because it was more time to study and I could manage my time better because of the extra amount of time.”

By Ian Campbell


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