Dayton Art Institute provides opportunity for artistic afternoon


The inside of the Dayton Art Institute features many works of art. Additionally, the outside of the museum displays sculptures from artists such as Alexander Liberman, Bret Price, and John Safer, giving its visitors even more to explore. Photo Taken From The Dayton Art Institute Website

The Dayton Art Institute provides more to its visitors than an impressive collection of art. Volunteer hours, classes for a range of ages, food, and a museum store act as additional opportunities at the Dayton Art Institute. The opportunities students can explore, art collection, and the favorable atmosphere make The Dayton Art Institute a beneficial place for students to pursue.

The Dayton Art Institute creates a positive atmosphere. With polite staff, clean environment, and over 1000 works in the permanent collection, visitors are free to focus on the artwork at hand. The DAI (Dayton Art Institute) appears to consider visitors of all ages through efforts ranging from a colorful and engaging kids area to a selection of classes offered to those old and young. Students and children can also the enjoy free admission the museum offers to them. This makes the DAI an interesting day plan for those students who wish to spend a day of open-ended thought and enjoyment.

The DAI hosts an impressive selection of art, spanning through 5000 years of art history. The diversity throughout the museum allows for the visitor to stay engaged throughout their entire visit. The different styles, culture, and format evoked new thought and emotion as I walked through the museum. Not only was there a diverse range of cultures represented with American, African, Asian, European, Native American, and Oceanic art represented, but equally there are an interesting range of artists. The museum hosts many household names such as Chihuly and Hopper, but equally there are also lesser known artist represented allowing for the visitor to broaden their knowledge. For those willing to pay an extra admission charge or registration fee, the museum is constantly offering exhibitions. The current exhibition at the DAI is [before publishing look up current exhibition at the time of online posting] One can appreciate the DAI’s broad selection of sculptures, glasswork, paintings, and photography for hours or just a short visit and still take away positive experience.

Visitors can enjoy Leo Bistro at the DAI for lunch or dinner. The Bistro doesn’t have a very wide selection, only offering soup, salad, sandwiches, and a small range of entrees, but their selection is sufficient for those enjoying a day trip to the museum. The Bistro also offers specials each week in addition to their permanent menu. Leo Bistro uses local ingredients as well from Hill Family Farm, The Chef’s Garden, and Oakwood’s own Big Sky Bread. The restaurant is equally as clean as the rest of the museum and is home to attractive flower displays from the Oakwood Florist. Leo Bistro acts as a museum feature that makes each visit even more comfortable.

On the way out, one can visit the Museum Store and buy a plethora of interesting items. In addition to art prints, the store offers jewelry, decorations, apparel, and games. The museum store stands as another opportunity to further learning or simply purchase something to commemorate their visit. The compelling selection of products makes The Museum Store a great outlet for those looking to buy gifts with individuality for themselves or others.

Beyond visiting the museum to view its collection, students can further their experience at the Dayton Art Institute through volunteer work. The museum has a minimum age limit of 15 for volunteers. Volunteers do a plethora of different jobs throughout the museum and can work special events, come in for seasonal events, or hold monthly or weekly schedules to support the museum. Volunteering for the museum is not only a beneficial resume opportunity for students, but also a job that proves to be an intriguing way to learn and support the museum.

The DAI offers a wide variety of art, opportunity for people of all ages, and an overall worthwhile experience. Students should consider visiting any day Tuesday through Sunday at 456 Belmonte Park North, Dayton, OH 45405.

By Carlie Shearer


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