Rado creates relationships

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Michael Rado is the long term substitute for business education. Rado said, “I’m living the dream here at Oakwood and I sing your praises to everyone who asks about my experiences here.” Photo By Evan Baker

Michael Rado is more than a substitute. 

Rado joined the staff in 2015, as a substitute for business teacher Britt Platt. However, in his short time at Oakwood, he has done more than serve as a replacement. Rado offers a listening ear to students, a voice in stands at sporting events and serves a coach for softball this season.

“As a long term substitute coming into Oakwood to cover business classes, I don’t believe that anyone would have been able to make nearly as large of an impact,” Joe Filbrun (12) said.

In just one year Rado has created many relationships with students.

“I value his efforts to educate his students, but I think he comes off as more than a teacher to most,” Justin Brenner (12) said, “He personally tries to know every student and makes an effort to make a strong relationship with them to the point where the student feels comfortable to come to Mr. Rado for help or advice for anything.”

Not only do students feel comfortable with a new teacher but they also have trust in his knowledge about business, which is what he teaches.

“He knows what he is talking about and he cares about the students,” senior Troy Jordan said.

Rado has an undergraduate and graduate degree in business and education. Before Oakwood, Rado worked at Springboro High School but then accepted a sabbatical position at the University of Dayton. From there, he accepted many different long term positions.

“This is my 44th year of teaching. I have taught in many different areas and many schools from preschool, through elementary and middle school, and high school, too,” Rado said.

This experience helped make Rado a viable replacement for Platt for the past year.

“Since it was recently announced that Mrs. Platt will not be returning, I am interested in her position and will follow all the protocol involved.  If I do not return in this position, I am going to retire from teaching,” Rado said.

With this news there are students that are hoping he stays for future years.

“Personally I had one class with him this year and it was great. I would love to see him stick around for years to come and continue to make a lasting impression on students,” Filbrun said.

Rado has created many relationships with students helping him create his reputation at the high school.

“I feel I am blessed to have been given this opportunity and am so thankful to all the administration, staff, teachers and students for the way they have helped and treated me,” Rado said. “I do bleed Blue and Gold.”

By Evan Baker



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