Student DJ’s turn up the turnout


Madelynn Einhorn (10), Izzy Armitage (10), Paige Heyl (10), and Sara Pierce (10) dance at Turnabout on Feb. 27. The Sophomore class contributed to the higher turnout this year. Steve Watts (10) said, “[The dance] was really fun.”

Student council held the Turnabout Dance, known to be the least attended of the three large dances of the school year, on Feb. 27. This year student council solicited student DJ and had an increased turnout.

“Turnouts were better because the sophomore class was very enthusiastic, [turnouts were] the best in three years,” Student council overseer Emily Sullivan said.

Student council members Agatha Shafer (9), Jack Henry (9) and Charlie Ross (9) were DJ-ing as well as freshman Cameron Alt. Compared to last year, when Student council purchased the service of a DJ.

“DJs can be really expensive and people always complain about them, so why not go with a student DJ?” Student Council representative Ally Ross (12) said.

Student DJs were one of the new additions to this year’s dance. The dance has a new theme perennially, this year’s theme was “Snowball”.

“Student council picked [the snowball theme] because it was easier to decorate and easier for girls to choose a dress,” Ross (12) said.

Despite declining interest in years past, there was a large amount of dancers on the floor. While there was a large turnout, opinions of the dance seemed mixed.

“The only thing I enjoyed about turnabout was the people,” Anonymous said.

Others had similar complaints, saying the dance was too long or that the DJ did not take any requests. Other parts of the dance were a success.

“The decorations were pretty gnarly,” Nathan Henry (10) said, “The DJ was hype.”

By Quinn Murray


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