Student body takes on the winter weather with a fashionable approach

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Shopping Spree: Jillian Gadd (12) shops at Target for cute but affordable clothing. She also enjoys shopping at Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom Rack. She is pictured looking at a sweater. Gadd said, “I really like to wear big, comfy sweaters.” Photo By Hollis Couch

This winter is filled with trends old and new. Oakwood students are using the cold weather as an opportunity to try out different styles.

Both girls and boys of the Oakwood student body have their own style tips and tricks that help them stay warm during the winter time while also expressing their own unique style.

A new trend this winter has been short, heeled boots. Girls love to pair them with both dresses as well as a shirt and pant combination.

Girls really seem to be into short boots with a little heel on them; I have some I really like wearing,” Jillian Gadd (12) said.

Oakwood itself seems to have individualistic trends that female students enjoy following during the winter season. This entails many different combinations of boots, scarves, vests, and much more.

“Here at Oakwood, the trend in the winter season that I’ve seen is a variety of Hunter Boots and some sort of vest,” Kaylee Lutz (11) said.

Hunter Boots are a brand of rain boots that can be bought in a variety of different colors. They can also be tall or short boots, depending on a person’s preference.

Another new trend in today’s world of fashion are knee socks; they help tie together an outfit and complete any sort of look. They are usually worn under boots, with just the top of them peeking out.

“Knee socks are my favorite because I like the look with tall boots,” Lutz said.

Sweaters have always been in during the winter because of their comfortable feel while still looking stylish. In men’s apparel, sweaters with zippers, or “quarter zips” are very popular.

“I like to wear sweaters and quarter-zips in the winter. They come in different styles and colors and there are plenty of variations for people to find what fits them best,” Brett Wedding (12) said.

High school students also like to take a more comfortable approach to style during the wintertime, utilizing sweatpants and jackets.

As a senior in high school, I have put a little less importance on what others think of me and as a result, I wear more comfortable clothes that still look pretty good. I like wearing my Nike Running Pants with different sweaters and jackets. I am always happy to dress up when the time is right but I just enjoy being more comfortable, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays when the school week seems as though it’ll last forever,” Wedding said.

Scarves are immensely popular this year with both guys and girls style. They can be added on to compliment many different outfits.

“Scarves in the winter are my favorite because you can wear them with almost any outfit and they are very warm,” Sarah Haluschak (12) said.

This winter is full of fashion-forward students who are staying warm while staying true to their own styles. While the cold weather can be harsh, many students still look forward to the winter time to wear their favorite warm clothes.

By Hollis Couch



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