Students vacation to build memories

Vacation Article Picture

Ellie Treese (12) and her family pose together for a picture while on vacation. Treese and her family enjoy to go on many hikes and spend time outdoors.

There are many different vacations that people go to in order to create great memories.

Vacations can provide families with great opportunities to create many memories together. By doing various different activities with family and friends, vacation can be a way to connect and build stronger relationships.There are many students that have traditional vacation spots that they go to with their family.

“We normally go to Leland Michigan because my grandparents have a house up there,” Sam Miller (12) said.

Not only is the time up there special time for the family but so is the drive up there.

If you drive you have to interact with your family and also there are less distractions like friends or events that split up family time,” Miller said.

Some students have traveled out of the United States for vacation.

“My favorite vacation that I have been on was going to Africa for Christmas my freshman year,” Ellie Treese (12) said, “We went on a ten day safari to four different places in Tanzania. We saw many animals, toured a village, went on a 3 A.M. hot air balloon ride, and camped in tents on safari.”

Some families try to make vacations a tradition.

“My family makes a point to go on vacation at least once a year,” Nicole Kollars (12) said. “My favorite place is Gulf Shores, Alabama and I’m excited because we are going back there for spring break this year.”

Miller said, Whether it be just the car ride up to vacation or a safari in Africa, vacation is great for “visiting new and exciting places with the family.”

By Evan Baker


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