Speakers and performers inspire students


Joel Penton interacts with students by bringing them up to the stage and asking their opinion on underage drinking. Penton’s overall message was to stay dedicated to a goal and not fall into peer pressure.

There have been three groups of visitors who came to the high school to speak to students this year: MUSE Machine sponsored artist Michael Kelsey, The Human Race Theatre Company and previous Ohio State football player Joel Penton. Kelsey played guitar, the theatre company gave a presentation on poetry, and Penton talked students about commitment.

Speakers and performances provide information and new perspectives to students.

I love having speakers at the school because they give me a chance to relax and think about something other than my school work for a little bit,” Mikalah Wilcher (12) said.

While these activities give students the chance to mix up their day, some believe they leave a positive message for students.

The message that I gained from Joel Penton was to stay true to your personal beliefs and commitments that you set for yourself, regardless of peer pressure and social norms,” Emma Flannagan (12) said.

Penton reminded students that it is important to be yourself and not be swayed by your peers.

On the other hand, The Human Race Theatre Company had a completely different message than Penton. They gave a presentation called “Poetry in Motion” where the members acted out poetry in front of students.

“Through the two characters and various works of poetry and songs utilized throughout the performance, I gained insight into the world of poetry and an interest in different genres and styles of poetry,” Flanagan said.

This presentation gave students a view of poetry from classics such as Langston Hughes to rappers such as Nicki Minaj and provided opportunities for students to learn and receive important messages for their everyday lives from poetry.

I like it when speakers come to our school because there is always an important message to be shared,” Evie Armitage (12) said. “I think we get a lot out of them and usually the speakers we have keep us engaged.”

Later this year, Sandy and Michael Bashaw with David Sherman, and the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company will visit students.

By Evan Baker



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