Bengals looking like Super Bowl contenders

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“The Bengals are going all the way,” Moulton said. The way Dalton is playing it’s looking like that could be true. Illustration by Luc Fiore

The Cincinnati Bengals are off to a 10-2 start this season in part because of Andy Dalton’s spectacular season.

Last year according to the Bengals were 15th in offensive scoring and 12th in defensive points allowed. This year, through 11 games, they are 5th in scoring offense and 3rd in defensive points allowed. There are multiple reasons for their success this season.

“All of their offensive weapons are staying healthy,” Adam Jefferis said.

Last year their star wide receiver A.J. Green missed three games due to concussions and turf toe, which is a sprain of the big toe joint resulting from injury during sports activities. Tyler Eifert, their young talented tight end, missed all 16 games. Marvin Jones, another wide receiver, also missed 14 games due to injury. These injuries impacted the offense and didn’t allow them to be their best. This year all of those players are healthy and making an impact. According to, Eifert is 1st in receiving touchdowns and  Green is 8th in touchdowns and 11th in receiving yards. Their team success has allowed for greater confidence.

“Confidence is the main reason Andy Dalton is playing well. He is more confident and his entire offense is healthy,” Sam Moulton said.

Last year Dalton was 15th and 17th in yards and touchdowns, while this year he is 8th in yards and 6th in touchdowns. Dalton usually plays well in the regular season, however he really struggles in the playoffs where winning really matters. He is 0-4 in his last 4 playoff games and has only thrown for 1 touchdown. He gets a lot of critique from fans because of this. However many fans still believe in him.

“I believe he can perform in the playoffs this year,” Jackson Jennings said. This year’s performance by Dalton has shown he can play better in the playoffs.

“Put your money on the bengals to win Super Bowl 50,” Jefferis said. With a 10-2 start and first place in their conference  the Bengals are looking for their first Super Bowl win ever.

The Bengal’s next game is at Sunday 1pm versus the 7-5 Pittsburgh Steelers

By Luc Fiore


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