Gentlemen’s Restroom Society experiences fluctuation

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The men’s restroom in the senior hallway hosted the Gentlemen’s Restroom Society during its fifteen minutes of fame. The club will be remembered for its inclusiveness and vast popularity. Mark Mumford (12) said, “It was a brotherhood.”

The men’s bathroom in the senior hallway was filled to the brim as more than 50 boys packed the room to its maximum capacity. Gaining popularity exponentially, the Gentlemen’s Restroom Society, as it was affectionately called, reached its peak amount of members on October 23, Mole Day. Juniors and seniors were the primary participants, though many underclassmen were also seen among the stalls, until the staff broke up the large meeting and asked students to move along.

The club functioned between third and fourth periods for only two minutes everyday. However, in that short period of time, huge groups of boys flooded the stalls.

There were “around fifty to sixty guys,” Mark Mumford (12), a founding member of the Gentlemen’s Restroom Society, said about the club at its peak.

The club did not always enjoy such extreme participation from the student population however; the club began around a year ago with a few men who would talk in the bathroom between periods.

Last year, it was “a solid group of about five or six guys,” Sam Miller (12), another founding member, said.

Since then, the club had been slowly growing in popularity until the popularity of the club began to soar.

“I believe we made history,” Mumford said.

Included among their practices was the slapping of a printed picture of the “Anchorman” character Ron Burgundy’s face and the actual use of the restroom. While malicious behavior may be expected from the large group of boys, all reports have suggested unparalleled inclusiveness and a broad sense of fun.

“Every time someone walks in, everyone said ‘ayyyyy’ as a response,” Matt Stover (11), a member since last year, said.

Michael Rado, a long term sub new to Oakwood, saw the club meet two times. The second time was on their largest day, Mole Day, where their meeting was broken up by the staff. He believed wholeheartedly in the benevolence of the group, as well as the camaraderie within the club.

“I don’t see destructive. I see fun,” Rado said.

Now, two months past its peak, the Gentlemen’s Restroom Society has all but pattered away and no longer plays host to the large scores of boys. While a variety of factors forced the society to fall away, Joe Filbrun (12) believes boredom and loss of spirit were the primary reasons for the loss in popularity.

Filbrun said, “It fizzled out. It was fun for a week, but I think the people that were a part of it just wanted to get back to class.”

By Brian Stephenson



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