Adminstration closes facilities due to mistreatment


Principal Paul Waller closed the boys bathroom in the sophomore hallway due to misuse. Maintenance employee John Johnson said, “The custodians work hard to keep our school a place that we can be proud of and if students would use the restroom facilities as they are intended there would not be an issue.”

Over the past month, staff have periodically closed hallways and bathrooms due to mistreatment and abuse.

Students have filled the freshman hall with trash and other lunch related items, which prompted monitor Scott Zipperian to close the hall for two weeks. Principal Paul Waller closed several bathrooms because of abuse of the facilities.

Scott Zipperian monitors the bathrooms and hallways during lunch and has witnessed the mess the students produce.

I have viewed myself as a ‘Walmart welcome man’ on this duty as I enjoy walking the halls talking to students on my route, with everyone behaving appropriately and cleaning up after themselves,” Zipperian said. “That’s the way it has been for most of this year as well.  But after repeated warnings to students in the freshman hall in regards to eating in the halls, not cleaning up trash and food items, and continued horseplay, with permission from Mr. Waller, the hall was closed to students during lunch.”

After being reopened, the hallway was closed for another week due to continued mistreatment despite warnings from Zipperian. Jack Henry eats in the freshman hallway most days and has witnessed the messes made.

“Freshmen are either lazy and leave their trash on the hallway floor or people just throw food on the ground to be funny. This has been happening for about two weeks now and it really needs to stop,” Henry (9) said.

As for the messes in the bathrooms, Zipperian stated it as “beyond the normal mess that is usually made.” Zipperian and Mitch Miller monitor the bathrooms between each period to try and stop students from making messes.

But even with them monitoring, maintenance worker John Johnson still found the bathrooms in disarray.

“They’ve been putting paper towels in the toilets and flooding them,” Johnson said. 

 Johnson has also noticed an increase in trash in the hallways.

“I’ve seen people just throw trash right on the floor; I just don’t know why they are doing this,” Johnson said.

Principal Paul Waller enforced the closing of the bathrooms and hallways and believes the students will change.

“I’m hoping the students don’t trash the bathrooms; they need to be courteous and respectful,” Waller said. “Students should be able to go to the bathroom in a sanitary place.”

With all the actions taken, the bathrooms have improved cleanliness and are currently reopened. The freshman hall, after being closed for two weeks, was reopened and has not been closed since.

Zipperian said,”The students just needed some redirection.”



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