Oakwood football goes 5-5


Senior quarterback Adam Gallatin and running backs Sam Banke and Michael Hoecht, look to the sidelines for their next play. Jacks lost to Bellbrook 20-13 to end the season 5-5. Gallatin said, “Overall, I think we exceeded most people’s expectations.” Photo By Luc Fiore

Seniors Adam Gallatin, Sam Banke, and Michael Hoecht led the Oakwood Lumberjacks football team to a 5-5 season. Oakwood won three games in a row prior to their fifth and final loss to arch rival Bellbrook. Their new coaching staff led by head coach Butch Snider installed a new offensive system called the triple option that has led to much of their success.

“We are a triple option team which is an offense based on a lot of running plays and only a few pass plays,” running back Banke said.

The triple option is based on the option run, but uses three players who may run with the ball instead of the two that are used in the standard option run. Their three headed rushing attack was led by Hoecht who is 2nd in SWBL with 1,567 rush yards. 

“I know the new coaching staff has been running the triple for years, so it’s what they know best. I think our personnel and skill players are perfect for the offense and it really is fun to run the triple when everyone accepts the fact that four yards a play is great and you just impose your will on the defense,”  Gallatin said.

The triple option is meant to wear down your opponent. The team doesn’t just score on one play, they go on long drives getting three to four yards a play.

“I believe that the triple option gives you a great advantage because it is very difficult to prepare for and even more difficult to stop.  It also helps your defense out by keeping the opposing offenses off of the field for extended lengths of time,” Snider said.

Not only does it help the offenses but it keeps the defense fresh and ready to play. This was a big factor in their win against Valley View.

“The best win of the season was coming from behind 22 points to beat Valley View,” senior kicker Adam Heyl said.

The Jacks surged back from a 28-6 deficit in the 4th. They scored on a touchdown pass with seven seconds left to Banke who was laying on his back in the endzone. That cut the lead to one. Then Hoecht converted the two point conversion to give the Jacks a 29-28 win.

“It was special to be a part of a game like that,” Gallatin said.

The Jacks also beat Carlisle and Franklin for the first time in four years. The Jacks started out slow but worked their way back to a 5-5 season with the help of their triple option attack.

By Luc Fiore



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