Mitch Miller teaches new government classes


Mitch Miller lectured his Civics class. Miller started two new classes this year, “Civics: American Government and Economics” and “International Politics”. Miller said, “They’ve certainly added some things that we needed to get in terms of government which is one of the reasons we combined the courses.” Photo By Breydon Doubet

Social Studies teacher Mitch Miller started offering two new classes, “Civics: American Government and Economics” and “International Politics”.

These are versions of older classes that were modified to meet the state and school requirements. One new required class, “Civics: American Government and Economics”, combined the curriculum of the American Government course and the Economics course.

“Civics, which is American Government and Economics, is a new course that is essentially combining two older courses that we had before,” Miller said.

Oakwood offered a similar course to “International Politics” called “Global Politics” that was a dual enrollment course with the University of Dayton. “International Politics” is scheduled to start later in the year.

“With College Credit Plus the districts are now being required to pick up the tab for tuition and we ended up switching from the University of Dayton to Wright State University, and their course is actually called International Politics,” Miller said.

Miller saw the combining of American Government and Economics as a necessary move considering the state’s requirements and time limits.

“It’s more efficient for us, it’s more efficient for students, and the main reason we combined them was because of some of the standards the state was requiring us to test on in terms of government,” Miller said.

Civics was designed to mainly focused on how the American Government works and how economics relate to government.

“‘Civics: American Government and Economics’ is really how American Government works, how it’s set up. Then when we get into the economics part we’ll be getting into supply and demand and how the free market works,” Miller said.

“International Politics” was designed to explain international politics and the people involved in them.

“In ‘International Politics’ we actually talk about theories of international politics, how actors all interact with each other, and then we’ll talk about some of the issues in international politics today,” Miller said.

Matt Deters, another social studies teacher, saw these classes as a great addition.

“I think it’s a necessary move to combine these classes, and the curriculum is something every citizen should know,” Deters said.

Senior Adam Heyl had Miller for American Government and thought that Miller would do a good job teaching these new classes.

“Mr. Miller is a great teacher and a great lecturer,” Heyl said.

Miller himself sees these classes as very important and necessary.

Miller said, “I think they’re great courses and that they’re some of the most important courses we offer here at Oakwood.”

By Breydon Doubet


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