Oakwood Giving makes an impact through service


Oakwood Giving members pack candy grams for fellow students. This is one of many activities the club has to build relationships within the school. Photo Contributed By Emma Flanagan

Oakwood Giving, a club focused on service and volunteering, contributes to the community and other wide reaching organizations.

Each year the club strives to teach its members the importance of taking advantage of  service opportunities in order to give aid to the world around them. Club adviser Melinda Wargacki imparts these ideals to the group through service opportunities.

“[Our goals this year are] to provide the Oakwood Giving Members multiple opportunities for community service throughout the school year.  I would like to impart the importance of giving back to the community,” Wargacki said.

With each new service, volunteering, or community strengthening event, the club reaches their goal of exciting students to the act of giving back.  

“Our goals as a group for this year are to lead and inspire Oakwood students to make a positive impact upon their community through service and various volunteer opportunities throughout the school year and continuing on in their everyday lives,” Emma Flanagan (12), Oakwood Giving president said.

Oakwood Giving contributes to many charities and organizations throughout the year. Students take extra time to do things such as volunteer, go door to door, and raise money. The list of charities that Oakwood Giving helps continues to grow.

“Charities that we will be volunteering [and] raising money for are the House of Bread, Out of the Darkness Walk, Care Walk, Homefull, Adopt a Family, St. Vincent’s, and many more to be determined,” Flanagan said.

Giving aid to those who need it proves to be beneficial for more than just the organization at hand. Students in Oakwood Giving express a dedication for what they do.

“Helping in service opportunities makes me feel like I make an impact on the community,” Nicole Hess (10) said.

Members of Oakwood Giving take initiative in each project they participate in. The students themselves prompt action and help in any way they can.  Student officers reinforce this idea of student leadership in Oakwood Giving.

“This year’s Oakwood Giving is being led this year by a new set of Officers that are all motivated to provide Oakwood Giving members with even more volunteer opportunities to give back to their community. [Our officers include]: President Emma Flanagan, Vice President Missy Demczak (11), Secretary Marie Rank(11), Public Relations Ally Ross(12), Community Outreach Maria Crusey(10), and At Large Members Daniela(12) and Andrea(11) Acevedo,” Flanagan said.

The group proves to be an important part of the community, creating positive impact in each new endeavour.

“[Oakwood Giving is important because it] is chance for Oakwood students to give back to the community,” Wargacki said.

Oakwood Giving typically meets every other Tuesday in the west gym or library at lunch time. If you are interested in joining, visit room 109A for a membership form and bring $5. The money goes into charity funding.

“If I could impart anything to the student body about Oakwood Giving I would advocate that students become involved in non profit organizations that interest them as early in their life as possible,” Flanagan said. “Volunteering and helping others is an extremely rewarding experience, and can be done with groups of friends and family as well.”

By Carlie Shearer



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