Ghostwood scares up revenue for arts projects

High school has many opportunities for students of artistic talent to express themselves in a positive manner — and the production of Ghostwood is no exception.

Ghostwood is where students turn the high school into a haunted house for the enjoyment, and fright, of the students. But the production does not happen overnight, and has always been a team effort started Molly Boozell (11).

“This whole process is brought together by the drama club and the Oakwood Arts Bridge. It’s full of really passionate students and parents who care about the arts so much and love putting on these entertainment nights for others to enjoy,” Boozell said.

The production is also a lot of work. Bennett Davis (11) described this aspect of the event.

“To prepare for Ghostwood, we spent an entire day over at the school physically setting everything up, including the cafeteria, which was the haunted house,” Davis said.

But Ghostwood isn’t only to scare people. It also acts as a fundraising activity for all arts programs within the school. Emma Flanagan (11), who organized parts of Ghostwood, explained this part of the production.

“I participate in Ghostwood because it’s a wonderful Halloween tradition that raises funds for the Oakwood Arts Bridge. The Oakwood Arts Bridge supports all theatre-related activities such as the Fall Play, Junior High Play, Spring Musical, and many more,” Flanagan said.

Junior Miles Hall went through Ghostwood and it had the desired effect.

“I went through the cafeteria area and it really felt like a professional scary production and I felt on edge the entire time,” Hall said.

Overall, Ghostwood is a way for artistically passionate students to scare up money for future productions while also getting acting experience.

By Vaughn Cockayne


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