Snapchat is one of the more noteworthy apps of this past year. Its popularity picked up and the company acquired millions of followers.

Snapchat is one of the more noteworthy apps of this past year. Its popularity picked up and the company acquired millions of followers.

Applications: the most fun and helpful tenets of smart devices. Apps range in usability from editing pictures to playing games to managing bills. Some apps, though, are better others. Here are some of the Dome’s favorite apps from 2013:

Cymera: This photo-editing app, free and extensive, provide the best tools for anyone looking for ways to add different filters or stickers to their pictures. Also, this app allows users to slim faces, enhance smiles, enlarge eyes, and even put makeup on themselves. The app provides a vast amount of filters, light effects and paint tools to further improve pictures.

Keep: This note-taking app runs in synchronization with Google. With the touch of a button, you can make reminders in seconds. Users can vocally record notes or type them in manually. The app also allows users to make a list of notes and provides the ability to check items off said list. Also, one can take picture notes with the app to visually record instructions.  Keep will also send reminders at certain times, or, most conveniently, by geography. One can set a reminder when they are at a certain location.

Snapchat: This photo-sharing app allows for the temporary exchange of photos to anyone in your friends list; you can send a picture to as many friends as you want. Time allotments range from 1-10 seconds, and after the time runs out, the photo deletes itself. This app also provides editing tools like paint brushes and text boxes to enhance your pictures.

SAT Question of the Day: Useful for anyone preparing for the SAT or ACT, this app is also free. The database holds 150 math sample problems, over 5,000 SAT vocabulary words, and the current SAT question of the day. It comes in very handy when cramming for the SAT or just passing time with practice questions.

Circle- The Local Network: This app keeps you up to date on anything and everything happening in your area. It gives information about events ranging from festivals to flash mobs. The app also alerts users about local news such as crimes or fires. It is also useful when trying to find good restaurants or places to go in your vicinity.

By Adam Koenig


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