Popular non-social media apps



The majority of the most popular applications or “apps” that are downloaded by consumers are social media applications like: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram according to an article by Mashable.com. This shows an obvious trend towards social media, but that does not mean that non social media type of applications are dying or going away. According to an article published by Social Media Today some of the most downloaded applications are not social media apps, but are actually apps that help the consumer with organization and money.

Although apps such as Evernote, that helps people organize their dates and other such meetings, do have a large amount of consumers, the obvious contender for the most amount of sales would be the mobile games. According to the top paid apps section of the iTunes store a large majority of the applications that are selling the best are games that one could play on the goon an iPhone or Android device.

On the subject of the Android devices, the situation is nearly the same there. While the Android Marketplace may have much more room for more office based applications, according to it’s top paid for apps page there are still a large amount of people who are buying the mobile games.

This obviously shows that the true winner of sales in the application department is the mobile games industry.And that although the social media applications on the smartphone market are very large sellers they are still behind in sales.

By Vaughn Cockayne



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