Socialism in Oakwood

Socialism, the radically left political theory has been emerging as a popular opinion of students in Oakwood High School. While many students of Oakwood fall on the more liberal side of the political scale, the socialists are a minority. However, over the last year or so the openly radical students have become more prominent.

Theories for this change include that it could have come from an actual increase in people who share these opinions, or that the students have just become more open and outgoing about their political views.

“I would say that most (not all) students tend to be left leaning on the ideological scale,” said Government teacher, Mr. Oakes.

Many of the students who show these qualities have been involved with Speech & Debate.

“Most of my extremely liberal friends are also debaters. It’s not that they’re all communists or anything, but I definitely get to talk significantly more about the merits of socialism when I’m with debate friends than with other Oakwood students,” said Ally Ross(10).

It’s possible that this connection between radical opinions and involvement with debate is because of their focus on political arguments. Their studies of varying political opinions allow the students to see every point of view in a way that isn’t practiced in the average history classroom.

“Debate attracts minority opinions. If you’re a socialist, especially here, you spend a good part of your time trying to defend your opinions. You get angry. So you join the debate team, where people with similar beliefs and political arguments are encouraged.” Said Bailey Gallion(11).

There are many things bringing forth the political opinions of Oakwood students including these arguments presented in the media. The political and moral opinion in America is so widely divided right now that it is allowing everyone to take a side in it.

“The current political situation might bring out more opinions. The political atmosphere is changing right now and many of today’s issues- like gay rights, abortion, health care- have support among the younger population,” said Gallion.

This is not to say that Oakwood students were ever known for keeping quiet about their political standpoints, the student body is full of political passion and diversity.

 By Olivia Anstadt

Radical opinions like socialism have been emerging as more common in Oakwood. Illustration by Olivia Anstadt.

Radical opinions like socialism have been emerging as more common in Oakwood. Illustration by Olivia Anstadt.


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