Common problems with common applications

Students are finding common errors and problems when using the common application.

Students are finding common errors and problems when using the common application.

Students are stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted come college application time. The issues and problems with The Common Application are just making those instances worse.  The Common Application is an application that makes it possible for students to fill out one form and have it serve as application for several universities.

“When I am applying for colleges, it is very stressful. I have experienced many glitches with The Common Application,” James G. (12) said.

Many students have found it also a nuisance when it has been reliable in the past.

“I have heard from many students and faculty that The Common Application hasn’t ever had that many issues,” Ben M. (12) said.

Some of the problems include: A new error tab coming up in a web browser, applications not being sent to the colleges and students having to restart their application.

“When I was applying to one of my top schools, my application would restart and I would have to start filing out all of the questions again,” James G. said.

The Washington Post stated that at least 42 universities had to push back its deadlines as a direct result of the problems.

“The Common App serves 517 colleges and universities, including most of the selective schools that are the focus of the annual fall frenzy for high school seniors seeking early admission. For more than 175 schools, the Common App is the only way to apply,” The Washington Post said.

With holiday break just around the corner, seniors are not only dealing with applying for colleges, but also the added stresses of exams.

By Grady Fultz


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