The Mousetrap Review: A classic “Whodunit” is brought to life by new director Jenna Hill

 Mouse Catch: The main characters try to determine who among them is the murderer. Picture contributed by Dave Long.

Mouse Catch: The main characters try to determine who among them is the murderer. Picture contributed by Dave Long.

Jenna Hill, in her directorial debut, and a cast of thespians take on the classic murder mystery, “The Mousetrap,” by Agatha Christie.

“The Mousetrap” is a “whodunit” (a play revolving around a group of characters trying to figure who committed a crime) about a group of characters at Monkswell Manor who try to figure out who is the “Three Blind Mice Killer” after the character Mrs. Boyle, played by Molly Boozell (10), is murdered at the manor.

Other characters include the manor owners Mr. and Mrs. Ralston, played by Bennett D. (10) and Megan C. (12); the young architect Christopher Wren, played by Zac C. (11); Metcalf, who is a retired major from the army, played by David M. (12); the masculine Miss Casewell, played by Rachel F. (12); the man of mystery Mr. Paravicini, played by Rollie F. (10); and Detective Sergeant Trotter, played by Joel T. (12), who arrived late out of the snow storm.

The performance kept all the classic elements from the original play including the setting, characters and surprise twist ending.

“There was only minor changes to the lines but everything remained the same,” Joel T. (12) said.

The only other liberty Hill took with the play is she set the time of the play in the 50’s while Christie described the time frame as “Modern Times.”

The audience reacted quite nicely to the performance.

“Great acting,” Chase R. (12) said.

Former Oakwood High School thespian Shadow Woolf was elated from the performance of his former peers.

“I’m really impressed, all of the cues were there, the set was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. Just an all around well put together production,” Woolf said.

“The Mousetrap” proves to be another well-rounded production, with Hill successfully taking the lead.

By Drew Lipowicz


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