A Smashing End

Nature’s Fury: Strong winds uproot a tree and its limb smashes a nearby car.

Nature’s Fury: Strong winds uproot a tree and its limb smashes a nearby car.

For the hardcore “trick or treaters” and those who love the Halloween, this year’s festivities took a more grim turn. An ongoing storm cut the trick or treating hours and kept some people away totally.

“We got about ten people [trick or treating at our house] for Halloween,” Ben M. (12) said.

Soon after the storm took its true shape and developed into a full blown wind storm. Senior Janie B. spoke on her experience during the storm.

“A tree fell down in my backyard and knocked down a tree as well as our power lines, my house lost power for two days,” Janie B. said.

Others had a more direct result of the storm’s fury.

“I was not expecting that much damage to happen from a wind storm, even full grown trees were uprooted,” Ryan T. (11) said.

However for senior Carly S. the power outage affected her college applications.

“It interfered with my common app submission for my November 1st deadline. I had to have my brother send it from IU (Indiana University),” Carly S. said.

This year’s Halloween was simply an annoyance for some but for others it was a nightmare come to life. Now with most of the fallen trees and leaves picked up a community looks towards a more fruitful November.

Drew Lipowicz




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