Girls’ basketball concludes

Coach Aaron Oakes prepares players for the rest of the game, pep- talking the starters for another quarter.

Coach Aaron Oakes prepares players for the rest of the game, pep- talking the starters for another quarter.

The girls’ basketball team ended their season with only four of the original five starters.  Because of Courtney E.’s (9) struggle with an injury,  Elizabeth H. (12), Georgie M. (11), Anne W. (11), Maddy T. (10), and Kinsey B. (11) completed the season. The games during tournament were a different pace compared to some games which the girls played against in their nonleague schedule. The final win and loss score for the conference is 5-7 and overall the score was 9-14.

On the off the court the girls’ basketball team grew a lot as whole, becoming closer and bonding which helped during games because the team members learned how to rely on each other at all times.

“As the season went on many of us really learned how to mesh together as a team both on and off the court,” Courtney E. (9) said.

A turning point for the team was their victory against Wayne, this began a winning streak and helped improve their seeding in their tournament.

“After the game everybody seemed to be on the same page and they were really able to put all four quarters together,” Courtney E. said.

Another turning point for the season was the game against Mount Notre Dame. During this game, the teammates showed their ability to put the four quarters together and be on the same page.

The team faced a few issues they had to overcome during the season, one being the loss of their point guard. Courtney E. tore her ACL which although she was not expecting, the team will never know how the season could have gone with her there.

“With the loss of Courtney, we lost our point guard and had to take several games in order to figure out who would best fill that void,” Anne W. (11) said.

Another game changing thing was the kind of schedule the team had this year. The girls had a very tough nonleague schedule in comparison to other teams in SWBL which they played against as well. Although this challenged the team, it affected their record since other teams in their division were not playing such tough competition.

Not only as a whole did the team grow, but also individual players improved and grew because they developed the ability to work together well. Courtney E. mentioned players Georgie M. (11), Kinsey B. (11), and Kathleen B. (11) to be three of these players.

Courtney E. said, “I believe Georgie was most improved after her injury last year not even being able to play. Near the end of the season Kathleen really seemed to improve from the beginning of the season. Kinsey really came through as a key defensive player this season.”


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