A Bright Future- Newcomers show impressive skill at Qualifiers and State

Grace Geehan (11)  smiles as she waits with her team members.

Grace Geehan (11) smiles as she waits with her team members.

With many seniors leaving after this year, some say that the Speech and Debate team will take a sizeable hit. However, after Littles and Bigs those fears can be put to rest.

“A positive sign is that some freshman qualified for state.” Drew Connally (12) said.

Freshman such as Vivi Raab and comedy duo Ellie Treese and Abigail Welch prove to be the future cream of the crop.

“It was pretty successful with the younger class.” Leo Schenk (12) said.

Along the surprising freshman, the seniors proved they aren’t ready to leave just yet.

Senior Hank Beyer, who went to state for humor, has an optimistic view on where he will go after state.

“I’m still optimistic about state, it’s another chance, and if that’s it, i’ll still have my public speaking skill.” Beyer said

No freshman placed in state, however their accomplishments shouldn’t be ignored.

“As a Freshman it’s hard to compete at the state level, but the amount of freshman who made it there is impressive,” Eric Krebs (11) said.

At state only seniors Ellen Geiselman and Liz Huizenga placed fourth and fifth respectively in Original Oratory (OO). Ellen also qualified for nationals in OO.

Even though the Seniors’ chapter is all but behind them, they will leave knowing that a new generation is here to pick up where they left off.

The final tournament will be Nationals at Birmingham, Alabama on June 16-21. Melissa Frydman has qualified for nationals in dramatic interpretation, Katja Molinaro and Wilson Mullen qualified for policy debate, and Tia Manavis and Sam Stanley qualified as alternates in public forum.

By Drew Lipowicz



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