Date Night

Date night ideas for those who lack of creativity. Ideas include dinner ideas and activities.

Date night ideas for those who lack of creativity. Ideas include dinner ideas and activities.

From the time when our parents finally let us stay out past nine, we have only a few destinations to visit in Oakwood, one of our three parks, the Oakwood Shops, or the stadium, which is way too close to school for comfort. For that reason, it can be difficult to think of new dating activities. While not all of these ideas are as convenient as heading down to Tropical Smoothie and hanging out with some of your favorite Jr. High kids, they certainly aren’t a stretch for those willing to leave the Dome.


If you’re looking for a casual date, there’s a promotion going on at EO Burger, at the Greene. For each meal purchased one movie ticket to the RAVE Motion Pictures Cinema across the street is offered. This deal is only offered Monday through Thursday.

As for a more formal date, check out Figlio at the Town and Country Shopping center. It’s a great place for Italian food and has a pretty relaxed atmosphere. Get the Drunken Shrimp, it will make for good conversation later (alcohol is evaporated in the cooking process).


If you’re into wearing old sweaty shoes, eating greasy food, and enjoying the atmosphere of a building that’s been dilapidated since the 90’s, then by all means go bowling at Poelking Lanes.

Nightime at the Fraze has a pretty serene atmosphere, a cheap and fun place to visit and simply talk even if a show isn’t on. Stepping into the fountain barefoot (preferably not in the winter) is good for getting reactions out of people… though it may or may not be illegal.

A safe winter time date would be skating at the Kettering Ice Arena. The arena is perfectly big enough that you won’t get bored of making circles while hugging the wall trying not to fall over. Or you could, you know, hold onto your date. It’s eight dollars a head, seven for those seventeen and under. Open skating times vary so check out Kettering Rec Center’s website.

Scene 75 is worth a visit for those with deep pockets or generous parents. For instance, it is eight dollars for one person to do a Go-Cart race. This place is the god of all arcades, complete with Laser Tag, a bouncy room, bumper cars, and a Go-Cart track. If you’re into groping walls in the dark to avoid lasers like you’re some part of a Mission Impossible scene, this is the place for you.

By Megan Reynolds


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