Math club celebrates problem solving

Jackie White (12) works on a practice test to prepare for one of Math Club’s competitions. Students learn problem solving skills while engaging in friendly competition.

Math club meets every Tuesday to solve problems, play with Rubik’s Cubes, and prepare for monthly and yearly competitions.

Jay Lane, math teacher, advises the club and helps the students with practice tests. Co-presidents Rebecca Deal (12) and Jackie White (12) also direct their peers in preparing for competitions.

“Our primary focuses are monthly contests and a national contest. Additionally, we do ACT and SAT prep,” Lane said.

Three years ago, Farees Saqlain and Caden Ohweiler founded the club to encourage mathematics in the school. Since then, the club has met every Tuesday in Mr. Lanes room.

“My favorite part is the competitions,” White said.

Members compete in contests for the Ohio Mathematics League and the American Mathematics Competition. These contests teach the students to use problem solving and math skills to solve complex problems.

“Anyone who enjoys solving nontraditional math problems should join. You don’t have to be a smart math kid to be in math club. It’s more about enjoying solving problems,” Lane said.

Along with competition, students also learn to solve Rubik’s cubes and watch math videos.

“Personally, I like Rubik’s Cube day, because I get to teach everybody to use Rubik’s Cubes,” Deal said.

The greatest challenge to the club this year has been attendence. Not as many people have came as in years past.

“The goal this year is to grow the number of people who attend math club,” Lane said.

Math Club presents a great opportunity to students who enjoy using logic and being with others who share the same interests.

Deal said, “We learn how to utilize math in a fun way. More people should come.”

One Response to “Math club celebrates problem solving”
  1. zaenal says:

    absolutely right math club is needed to develop students how the brain works

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